Wiki Loves Monuments Israel is a photography contest organized by Wikimedia Israel, as part of an international competition. Amateur and professional photographers are welcome to take pictures of any national heritage site in Israel, in accordance with this map and the linked lists, and submit it to the competition via a special upload wizard on Wikimedia Commons. Each user is required to register a Wikimedia Commons account to participate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at wlm@wikimedia.org.il

Rules of the Competition:


  •  First Prize: 3,000 NIS
  •  Second Prize: 2,000 NIS
  •  Third Prize: 1,500 NIS
  • In addition, the top ten images that received the highest scores from the judges will be sent to International WLM Competition, and may win more prizes.
  • One additional award in amount of NIS 1,000 will be given for the best photo at remote sites in the northern and southern regions of Israel.
  • One additional award in amount of NIS 1,000 will be given for the best photo which its article in wikipedia dont have a picture yet.
  • 5 of the best young photographers will get a family tour at the Ganei Yehoshua Balloon.

Photos will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The overall quality of the image (photography technique, composition, resolution);
  •  Originality;
  • The possible usage of the image in Wikipedia (encyclopediac quality).


By uploading a picture in the competition you hereby accept the terms and conditions specifies here

Competition rules:

1) Photos entered into the competition must be photos taken by submitter of the photo.

2) To participate in the competition photos must be uploaded under a free license (Creative commons license) – meaning – you agree that the image may be used for any purpose, while giving proper credit to photograph.

Uploading the images according to this license allows usage of the images on Wikipedia and other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

3) Images will participate only if uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (commons.wikipedia.org) between September 9 and October 9 2018, through the competition interface. It does not matter when the picture was taken, as long as it is uploaded during the competition period (for example, you can upload a photo taken in the 1950's of an heritage site, and the image will participate in the competition if it has been uploaded during the competition period).

4) Only pictures of listed heritage sites may be submitted to the competition. Each image uploaded will specify the serial number of the heritage site listed. Picture that does not indicates the appropriate serial number, or indicates the serial number incorrectly, will not participate in the competition.

5) To participate in the competition you must register (free of charge) to Wikimedia Commons, entering a valid e-mail only. There is no obligation to identify your full name, but you can not participate in the competition without an active e-mail account.

 6) Upload the highest resolution possible. Low resolution images may be disqualified.


  • The competition will be held between September 9 to October 9 2018.
  • The awards ceremony will be held in December 2018.